Our Services


From registering a new business & book keeping services to a more conprehensive statutory audit and company valuation, CASA Alliances is capable in assisting our clients in achieving their business goals.

We are equipped with latest knowledge in accounting-related compliance and rules in Singapore that enable us to provide an accurate informations and directions for local and foreign-entity to be able to operate their business in Singapore



Independent professional services that evaluate the reliability, creditability and relevance of financial information for decision makers.

We are committed to delivering independent, efficient and quality audit of financial statements. We actively communicate our findings and provide knowledge-based insights throughout the audit process. We help our clients anticipate and resolve issues critically to their business processes.

Statutory Audit

Financial statements attestation making bulk of the assurance services and our responsibility as statutory auditor is to express our independent opinion on whether the financial statements are properly drawn up in accordance with the provisions of the Singapore Companies Act and Singapore Financial Reporting Standards so as to give a true and fair view of the results and the financial position of the company.

We adopt a risk-based approach focused on maintaining high audit quality tempered with our understanding of our client’s operating environment. Partner and senior members in the engagement team bring a breadth of experience and their involvement in the process is a unique hallmark of our approach.

Our approach identifies key areas of risk that might require special focus and provides clients with valuable perspectives in helping them manage their businesses more effectively.

Special Reviews

A special review entails a comprehensive and objective examination of the business underlying numbers. It assists management to identify and focus on key areas and issues and provides insights and comfort to them as well as to outside parties.

Other Non-Statutory Audits

We perform independent verification of financial data to provide insight and comfort for management and third party interests based on agreed upon procedures/special audit purposes engagements.

Tax Compliance

We assist companies in their preparation of their income tax computations and the necessary supporting schedules, as well as complete the tax return for their submission to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (“IRAS”). We also help our clients to file estimated chargeable income.

We communicate with IRAS regarding the company’s tax affairs for each year of assessment.

We update our clients to tag on to the government incentive schemes that applicable to your businesses to lower your tax liabilities.

We assist you to prepare and submission of GST returns too.

Tax Advisory Services

We help our clients through our associate partners to advise businesses to navigate the tax environment. We also offer guidance to investors venturing in the region, giving advise on how to structure their investments to achieve optimal after-tax returns.

GST Registration and Quarterly GST Submission

We assist our client to register their GST and prepare and submission of GST returns on quarterly basis.

Registration/ Incorporation

We are committed to provide professional corporate secretarial services to ensure effective compliance.

We help our client to incorporate their business and provide advice the appropriate type of legal entity to meet our client’s need, be it local company, branch of foreign entity, limited liability partnership, sole proprietor, representative office, society or charity.

Corporate Secretarial Maintenance Services

We look after and maintain statutory registers and records, prepare minutes and resolution, and file statutory returns in compliance with the Companies Act. Our staff convene, facilitate and attend directors’ and shareholders’ meetings, and record and prepare the minutes.

We also offer assistance with constitution alterations, changes in directors, secretaries or auditors, changes in corporate name, allotments of new shares, transfer of shares, rights and bonus issues etc.

Striking off the Company’s name from the ACRA’s Registrars

We help our client to strike off their company name from the registers maintained by ACRA as an alternative of liquidation. The company may do it by fulfilling certain criteria prior from the striking off their company name from the ACRA’s registers. These include preparation of zeroised financial statements, cessation of operations, not involved in any legal proceeding, zero outstanding debts, no outstanding tax liabilities, etc.

Book-keeping and Accounting Services

We provide while range of accounting services, inclusive of routine accounting, payment administration, accounts receivable/ account payable management, payroll, GST reporting, business closure services to our clients.

Our dedicated team are experienced in handling various accounting software, such as MYOB, SAP, Quickbook, Sage 50, SAP, Xero, etc. to meet your needs.

Compilation of Financial Information

We help our clients to compile financial information in compliance with the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards, and are appropriate for submission of Annual Reports and to IRAS.

XBRL Conversion

XBRL stands for extensible Business Reporting Language, a language used in computers to present financial statements such that they can be retrieve from on-line records and transferred directly to users such as auditors, regulators, financial analysis for various purposes.

The Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) implemented a new filing requirement for Singapore incorporated companies to file their financial statements (FS) in full XBRL format with effect from 3 March 2014.

Under the revised XBRL filing requirements, Singapore incorporated companies which are either unlimited or limited by shares required to file their financial statements with ACRA will be required to file a full set of financial statements in XBRL format.


Our valuation team helps our client to understand the value of their business for the purpose of transaction, regulatory compliance or litigation. We value businesses, intangible assets, financial instruments and employee stock option; performing purchase price allocation, cost of capital and impairment assessments. We also provide service to our clients relating to shareholder and matrimonial disputes.

We provide valuation services through our associate partners to meet the client’s objective.

Financial Due Diligence

Companies buy and sell investments to meet their business objectives.

Buyers want to be sure that the financial statements and information provided by the Seller reflect the real financial results and conditions of the target company Financial Due Diligence highlights the existing and potential financial risk area of the target company and allows the Buyer to make informed decision on the acquisition.

Sellers want to receive a fair value for the businesses that they are selling. They need to provide the Buyer on the certainty of their businesses and information as transparently as possible so as to expedite the sales process and achieve their targeted selling price.

We provide financial due diligence services through our associate partners to meet the buyers’ or sellers’ objectives in the Transaction.


Whether it is a situation of company intending to wind down its business in an orderly manner or that of a creditor seeking to protect its interests, we are able to act as liquidators through our associate partners either as court winding up, creditors’ voluntary winding up and members’ voluntary winding up.