About Us


Our Background

Our team and partners, comprising mostly of chartered accountants and public accountants. We have built up our capabilities, and we have a wealth of experience and a vast clientele network to serve our clients to their individual needs and meet their expectation to our services to be rendered.

At CASA Alliances, we aim to develop talents to reach their potential as accounting professionals, filled with passion in our professional services that clients and employees are proud to be associated with.

Our Mission

To inspire individuals to provide excellent services to clients; working with trusted associate partners and building businesses with our clients. We aspire to be one of the major accounting firm in Singapore offering quality services to small, medium enterprises and owners.

Our Values

Our values are built around by people, communication and professional knowledge.

People: We aim to be our client’s strategic partner in growing their businesses. We value our colleagues with sound industry knowledge to work together and retain committed team members to attain his or her full potential as a professional to serve our clients better.

Communication: We communicate, listen and value our clients. We believe all clients have different needs and strive to work closely with all of them, providing effective and responsive services to meet their unique needs and challenges. We build trust among colleagues, associate partners and clients by sharing of knowledge as we believe all parties have their strength and weaknesses.

Professional knowledge: We keep abreast of the latest accounting and business development to continue to meet our clients’ needs and share the latest industry knowledge with our clients. We maintain integrity and ethical behaviors to enable us to serve our clients with due care.

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